First Dual Screen Tablet From Kno

June 11, 2010 | by

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We have seen all sorts of tablets on the market and just when we thought that nothing could surprise us anymore company known as Kno managed to do it. Their tablet, also known as Kno, is first tablet that is using two screens. In the times when technology tends to get smaller and practical Kno releases a tablet that is twice the bigger than any other tablet on the market.

At first, we were skeptical regarding this tablet but Kno turned out to be quite an interesting device. Kno is shorter for knowledge therefore Kno tablet is intended to replace standard textbook and notebooks, and it resembles to a big textbook thanks to the two 14-inch screens. Kno has all sorts of features, it can be used for reading ebooks, taking notes, web access, digital media, sharing and a lot more that average student requires.

Kno tablet has full browser support and it supports both Flash and HTML 5, PDF and ePub. As for connectivity, Kno is using Bluetooth as well as WiFi. When it comes to usage in schools, we should see a beta program with it in several collages all over US. As for the tablet, it has decent specs and it will satisfy the needs of any student. Sure, it’s more interesting to carry just a single tablet instead of all the textbooks. We’ll have to admit that Know looks big a bit with two screens but you can easily fold it and save a necessary space that way. Is the time of ordinary textbooks over and will the Kno make a revolution when it comes to education? We’ll have to wait and see what will happen this fall to find out.


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