Social Networking Websites: A Paradise For A Website Designer!

April 8, 2011 | by

Social networking websites are a paradise for your relations to grow, for your business to bloom and for you to learn more. There are number of social networking communities working online. All these communities are playing pivotal role for every graphic designer or web designer across the world.

If you are a graphic or a website designer and if you wish to make your space in the online market, an easy way to achieve your goals is through online community websites. Few of these communities have been discussed below to make the choice easier for you.


Graphic Design Community 2.0:

A great name in the list of the social networking communities, Graphic design community 2.0 heads the list. This is a place for a professional website designer or graphic designer to bloom in his or her field. The community brings together designers, desktop publishers, graphic designers and students from the same field, together. The community includes a design forum, chat forum, blogs and free portfolio space for its users. Healthy activities like design conference and competitions are being conducted in order to promote growth and competitive spirit amongst the users.


Another big name in the social content network is 9Rules. It is the place where readers can explore interesting content. Above all, it gives the option to bring together the likeminded people. It was launched back in 2005 and has evolved and grown from then. The focus of the community is still constant which is to connect people with content they enjoy and with people they enjoy with.

Ads of the World:

It is not a perfectly social networking design site, but more than that it is a community. It is an advertising archive and community which showcases the best and unique work from across the world. This is the era of advertising and hence, Ads of the World is the only community that deals with this genus.

Create Magazine

The goals of the Create Magazine include informing people, connecting people, inspiring people and educating the local creative communities. For this purpose the community aims at providing its members with key content in a high-end format. This is the best source of information for the news bites, feature stories, business profiles and event listings as well, for the enterprising readers. They get all information that they want from this community.

Design Snack:

It is another attraction for any graphic designer or a website designer. It is a website design showcase with a solid community base. The members have the choice to vote, comment and ultimately choose a website for themselves from the showcased ones on the front page.

Color Lovers:

This is the greatest resource monitoring the color trends. As the name mentions, the community gives people the options to use colors no matter what purpose they use for. Colors for ad campaigns, product designs or for any other purpose can be found here. Metaphorically this community is the world of colors. You can not only look for colors, but you have the choice to compare color palettes, and share gossips regarding the colors. You can comment, submit news, read articles written on colors and interviews.

If you are a graphic designer or a website designer, and especially if you’re fresh in your field, there is no better way to start your career. Choose a community that suits you the best and make use of it. If you have been into the market since a while, you can utilize these virtual spaces for your improvement and to learn new stuff. These communities offer you to share ideas and sharing ideas leads to innovations!

About Author: I am Conroy James, Working as a Content Writer for more then five years. I am Expert in Writing all types of Topic, Currently I am Working in a Web Design Company for more then Three Years.


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