5 Ways of Making Money with Facebook

February 18, 2011 | by

Facebook has an audience that has surpassed 500 million recently, and have re-designed all rules of engagement with customers. In this articles we will briefly expose 5 ways of tapping into this market where people spend more than 700 billion minutes every month. Would you like to get a piece of that?

Make money with facebook

Make Money on Facebook by Developing an Application

All you need is a good idea and you might be our next internet entrepreneur. You don’t have to be fluent with any software languages like PHP or Javascript. You can find tons of programmers you can hire to do your dirty work. It’s true, you really could be the next big buzz! Farmville is an application that was introduced recently, and now has been downloaded over 110 million times.

Selling Products in The Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has a marketplace that is excellent for business. If you’ve grown tired of the ones that came before, like Craigslist and Ebay, then check out this virtual mall for marketing your products. It has everything from books to baby clothes and is well worth putting some of your own products on.

Facebook Ads

On Facebook, you’re provided with a self-serve system offering highly targeted advertising. You’ll find this available both for CPM basis, which is ‘cost per 1000’, and a CPC basis, which is cost per click. With such a huge audience and an unlimited ad inventory, it can also insert ads into highly specific demographics. Any advertising space on here is pure gold. Smart media buyers all buy their ads and sell their traffic using ad networks.

Become An Expert in Facebook Marketing

This new world called Facebook is a marketing tool way beyond many thousands of marketers out there. If you understand how Facebook works, then why not try offering your services to other agencies and companies, both large and small? Just like Google changed how search engines advertised, now Facebook is using social networking to dive ahead into the future. You can really help people out with your product, and make yourself some serious money at the same time. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Make Money With Market Research

Facebook gives you massive focus groups, just waiting to voice their opinions. You audiences are easily targeted and easily accessed on Facebook’s arena. Just the time it takes to complete surveys is reduced to just a fraction of other well known methods. If your bag is market research, then you need to give some careful consideration to the way social media can boost your business in a way that no other can. Get ready for the future of the industry of consumer opinions.


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