Apple Concerned About Probable Cracked iPhone Epidemic

October 9, 2010 | by

Steve Jobs isn’t a happy man if his recent experiences are counted on. Is it fate or just a matter of co-incidence that most of his products are popping up with unavoidable flaws. Steve though has seamlessly dealt with all the problems so far but if this goes on and on, i think the sweet apple is gonna taste bitter in the days to come.

Post the iPhone 4 free bumper program, the Antennagate issue is expected to have been dealt successfully, and it remains no more. But then reporter Ryan Block has revealed that the iPhone engineering team has digged up yet another major design flaw that could lead to possibly another iPhone 4 scandal.

The iPhone 4’s glass back has been a matter of concern for many, but what the iPhone engineering team has unveiled post-Antennagate, is that the phones without bumper cases can mostly stand up in the line as probable victims to this issue. Cases that slide onto the iPhone 4 can cause  severe scratching mostly un-intentional when particles come in between the case and the glass. Those scratches can eventually lead to serious cracks affecting the look of the phone in no time.

So if there is a slider case with somebody on their phone, there’s the high chance that next time they pull the phone out of the case, the back is totally backed up, all credit goes to the wonderful design of the phone. Apple had already blocked all third-party cases resting at the Apple Store, even those certified “made for iPhone.” has been defamed lately. Also, the engineering team at Apple allegedly has built a lab and test program just to examine this problem.

The manufacturers who designed and built slide-on cases are amidst great danger now, infact thay pay Apple a cut—rumor has it to be 10-15 percent. Well, for those who don’t know, Yes — this is what it takes to get the Made for iPhone stamp, what’s more? The company allows the cases to be sold in Apple Stores. As per the present situation it is really hard to tell whether or not these product will ever again be back to shelve at Apple Store. Apple’s take on the issue though is simply — No Comments. The matter now to be focused upon happens to be that these controversial slide-on cases are still there out in the open, sold elsewhere, and people some how are still buying them, meaning we could be seeing a lot of cracked iPhone 4s.

So, what do you think made them design those bumper cases so specifically? Isn’t it also a matter of doubt. Apple’s intensive care cases targeted to resolute the Antennagate issue don’t actually touch the glass surface does they? Does that mean they were pretty aware of the up-coming danger?


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