Comparison:Yahoo Mail Vs Gmail Which one is Easier

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There are many people who have both the Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts. They use both the mailing platforms to send email messages to other people. Because of increasing use of mailing platforms such as yahoo and Gmail it has become important for the people t get rid of either of them because it’s very difficult to use so many accounts at the same time. The people want to know about one of the best mail services either yahoo mail or Gmail. To find the best it is essential to compare both the mailing platforms.

What to consider for Yahoo Mail Vs Gmail comparison?

In order to compare yahoo with Gmail you should find out information about the features offered by both the mail services. Basically, both are used for sending emails and other attachments but there is a great difference in the working of both the services. Yahoo mail is one of the oldest mailing services but Gmail is a new service. No doubt yahoo mail is well establishes but Gmail is also getting popularity very quickly. If you are looking to compare these two mail services then you should compare different features offered by them but don’t forget to check either these features are updated or not.

Chat, attachment and contact storage features:

These are some of the most important and common features that are offered by both the mail services. If you are using both yahoo and Gmail accounts then it will not be difficult for you to find which one is best. First of all let’s talk about attachment of files and documents in both the services. Gmail offers you attachment of files on the same web page. It allows you fast and unlimited uploading or attachments but yahoo doesn’t offer you this task on the same web page. A separate window will be opened to upload the attachments. The attachment process of yahoo mail is time consuming that’s why people prefer to use Gmail services. The chat features are also differentiating. Chatting on yahoo web page is difficult and users remain unaware of messages sent by people but Gmail notify you the message with the name of the sender in orange color. So it becomes easier for you to see the message even if your web browser is minimized. Although, there is a slight difference of contact storage between yahoo and Gmail services yet Gmail offers the users to add the contacts in simple 2 steps. Just write the Gmail id of any person and click save.

Professional credibility:

No doubt, most of the businessmen and organizations don’t use free email accounts because of security reasons but there are many organizations and people who use free accounts. They prefer to use Gmail accounts because Gmail offers services for organizations and companies. Now you can make a Gmail account with your own domain name. Because of this of this opportunity the commercial use of Gmail is increasing as it provides security and professional credibility to commercial users.

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