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June 26, 2010 | by

The new launching of the iPad gives consumers a frame idea of it being a “hot” item. This Apple tablet gained much anticipation from people around the world and now, iPad users are basically tapping the iPad displays, pinching the pictures, downloading applications or even watching movies.

There are few features that people did not envisage from the release of the iPad. One of the best iPad features is the battery life of iPad. The Apple estimated the iPad battery to last for approximately 10 hours but many reviewers claimed that the battery will keep going even they are actively browsing the web using Wi-Fi and maintaining the same brightness for watching movies. One reviewer clearly stated that the iPad lasted for 11 hours and 28 minutes while another claimed to have used the iPad for more than 12 hours. This is like 15 percent higher than the Apple’s estimation and almost four times longer than a portable DVD or a typical laptop.

Another thing highlighted by the users as an iPad special trait is the speakers. Many did not expect the iPad to be built-in with speakers but in fact, it has speakers. Instead, they are of the stereo speakers. Many users claimed that the built-in speakers are not only excellent in quality; it can get very loud yet not sound horrifying and awful. One user stated that the speaker’s deep bass was too immense and sometimes got distorted but when listening through a good pair of headphones, there was no more such defects.

Having wide angle view is also one of the listed iPad features which surprised many consumers. Its screen, 9.7 inches is definitely miniature compared to a LCD big-screen television. But it turned out that the screen is pretty sufficient for casual viewing and you can even share this viewing experience with your acquaintances easily as it is conveniently portable.

The device has another advantage that is it does not run hot. Although Apple has a reputation of laptop burning but iPad is perfectly safe. This iPad special trait gives much convenience to users where they can indulge in the device without much worries of their fingers getting burned. Besides, there is another positive review about iPad features saying that it has a very amazing calculator.

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