IndiBlogger Firefox addon- Easy navigation through IndiBlogger menus

June 23, 2010 | by

I am happy to announce the beta release of a Firefox addon for the members of India’s popular blog network  Indiblogger. This is a simple Firefox extension  facilitates the easy navigation through the various menus and sub-menus of

Indiblogger is the directory and hub of Indian bloggers. Within a short period Indiblogger has grown to a wonderful network of Indian bloggers across the globe.

This is the second addon from Techlineinfo of similar kind. The first one was the forum menu of indiachatforum.  With this addon, you are making indiblogger as part of your browser. Navigation through the site will be easier.  Techlineinfo is celebrating its first anniversary on 27th June 2010. On this occasion we are presenting this addon to the Indiblogger community.

This extension can be considered as an experimental one and has already been submitted to Firefox extension directory. You can install the addon to your browser by clicking the “add to Firefox” button. Ignore all warning messages (It is common to all addons in “sandbox”) and allow installation-Restart the browser. You are done.  In case of any problems in adding the extension, you can download the same from here and open it with Firefox. The addon will be added to your browser.

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