Why are Blackberry Phones so Popular?

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Blackberry created by Research IN Motion, a prominent Canadian manufacturing Company and made public in 2002 has now become world renowned. This high-tech cell phone attracted the attention of masses with it sleek and sophisticated appearance and innovative features. It made them distinctive from its competing brands and the company develops their models after massive research by leading inventors and professionals. They have made ground-breaking solutions and stellar performance their USP.

This Smartphone has matchless business applications pertinent for corporate professionals and can act as Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). Blackberry cell phones developed its large fan following with their speedy Internet access and WiFi connectivity. Users can quickly push and send emails and utilize its messaging features, which are the biggest range available among all Smartphones, thereby becoming a favorite messaging phone.

Features of Blackberry Phones

Not all models are alike. But many of them possess a good number of these features:

  • Availability of cell phones in CDMA, as well as GSM form.
  • Lightweight handset
  • Supports HTML, as well as XHTML formats making Web surfing convenient.
  • Possess EDGE, GPRS and WiFi connectivity; consistently paced Web browsing ensured.
  • Blackberry tracking software allows employers to track employees, parents to trace children and snag cheating spouses/partners. Facilitates GPS navigation. Blackberry maps are preloaded for users to track down their destinations.
  • Threaded Text Messaging, Blackberry Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and ICQ contribute to push instant messaging. By compressing with BIS, this handset makes possible two-third lesser data transmission than all other Smartphones.
  • This convergent gadget has gained stronghold with their email service. It has multilingual support, text emoticons; offers Myspace, eBay and Facebook notifications.
  • Inbuilt entire QWERTY keypad that is superior to alphanumeric keypad.
  • Easily navigable.
  • High resolution camera
  • Enhanced Multimedia features, games, Media player
  • Radio, Music player
  • Bluetooth aids in data exchange
  • Many handsets possess touch screen and is 3G enabled.
  • Unlock GSM mobile for global coverage.

Some of the models that came to the market include Blackberry 9000 Bold, Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Tour, Blackberry Pearl Flip and much more.

Although Blackberry has been above the price range of a large section of society, company has now brought out cheaper models. Reputed providers like Vodafone, Virgin, Orange, Three, O2 and T-mobile provide great money-saving deals to its users. There are also excellent gifts offered with many models.

Security concerns over Blackberry service.

Many terrorists groups are using the Blackberry secured messaging service to communicate each other. All the communications between the Blackberry devices go through the encrypted network of Blackberry secured service. RIM says even they don’t have the technology to decode such messages. This is a main cause of concern to various security agencies across the world.

Recently Indian Govt threatened RIM over the security issues on Blackberry email and messenger service. Now  RIM has agreed to install a server in India and will allow security agencies the lawful interception.

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