Google Chrome OS Goes Open Source in 2011

November 10, 2010 | by

Well, here is the good news, Google Chrome OS quite unlike Android is open source.

If you care to know then here is something you should, Google’s previous take on the operating system biz that is the Android was coded behind closed doors. As a matter of fact one big-name developer says it’s no more open than Apple’s iOS. In fact, Google’s operating system which is browser-based is designed such that everybody can get a clear view. What sounds interesting is that Google’s boot-time-boosting firmware work remains pending.

According to SlashGear:

…Supposedly, Google’s Chrome Netbook is expected to be made by Inventec and will be shipping 60,000 to 70,000 units in their initial shipment. After this Chrome notebook is announced, the source that spoke with Digitimes reports that Acer and Hewlett-Packard will follow up with products in December. Both follow-up products will be manufactured by Quanta Computer.

Managing to get close to a person who’s closer to the project than anyone outside of Google and its various hardware partners, we figured out that Chrome OS will offer few surprises when it is officially released, that is likely before the end of the month. We also had a conversation with Liam McLoughlin this summer, well he assumed that Google was getting on with certain tools that were very much outside the public Chromium OS code tree.

A close person stated,

I’m less sure about Google keeping features out of view now, After having talked to a few people working on it, it seems that the parallels I drew to Android, where things are developed out of the public view, are incorrect. There may be some, but I don’t think it’s intentional if we haven’t seen them yet.

As it is McLoughlin happens to be a college student in the UK. He has been playing the role of the main source as far as Chromium OS builds are concerned particularly for the releases ever since Google first unveiled its public code tree in November 2009. There remains the chance that the assessment of Google’s plans conducted by him would definitely be off the mark, but it’s clear that he has dropped down into a reasonably close relationship with the Google development team. As it happens there is no denial of the fact that the Chrome OS was set up quite differently from Android.

Scrutinizing the series of events one can be very clear that the Android code wasn’t open-sourced until and unless the very first of the Android phones were unveiled, and now even though Google TVs have already hit the stores, Google states that they are likely to open source the code sometime may be in 2011.

The awe-inspiring fact remains that although Google has set free the code but nevertheless chrome will serve its master with the ad-centric views.


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