3 Best Twitter applications for Android phones

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With Android Market place in pace, you will be really surprised to see that there are more than hundred apps with which you can access the twitter, but to make your work simpler, we will be telling you about some of the best and simple free to use applications with which you will be easily able to access the twitter straight from your Android device effortlessly. So, let’s check out some of the best known simple twitter apps below ranging from tweet deck to twitter for android to one of the most popular of the lots Hootsuite.

One of the most intuitive application user interface for accessing the social networking site, tweet deck is simply an application for accessing the twitter after using which the only reaction will be wow and nothing else. The best part of this app is that it’s very simple to use, all you need to do before seeing the timeline, mentions and the direct messages is just to flip the page to right and then to left and then you have got some features in the lower taskbar where in you can find the users, write the tweet and also you can see the maps which can be seen right in the option below. Also, additionally the best and the most loved part of this app is that it doesn’t cost any as it comes for FREE and can be downloaded from the Android Market place, so what are you waiting for just go and download it. Also, the latest update has made this app much more zippier than before.


Twitter for Android
If you are the one who believes in using the official application for the twitter, then it can’t get better than the official app which is named as twitter for Android, now this app too comes with the simple user interface with easy to use dedicated keys at the top like which can be used to do the work of mentioning, read the direct messages, see the time line easily. Apart from this you can also upload the photos right from your twitter for mobile app. This app can be easily downloaded from the Android Market Place and is totally a free application. Rest assured of any password leaks and critical data leaks as this one is the sole official application available in the Market place with which you can access the twitter on your Android smart phone. This app is available for FREE which means you don’t need to pay for such a great app for twitter.

twitter for android

If you are the one who believes in something different and simple with an ease of using the interface with which you can easily access the twitter. Though directly you cannot use the twitter client as you need to first register yourself with the twitter app and then you can go ahead and enter the exciting twitter world shelled with a great set of features which ensures that not a single twitter moment is being missed. All thanks to the simple and easy to user interface which ensures that you don’t mess up with different options on the screen. This app too does all the things, right from showing the simple and classic timeline, mentions, direct messages, search facility etc. Not only you can tweet, retweets or mention but you can also additionally track and search the results as per your requirements. So, all in all in a nutshell, this app is truly helpful and pledges to carry social twitter world along with your smart phone. So, next time when you will be up with your friends, it’s time to stay in touch with your twitter friends with Hootsuite and nothing else, just like the other two applications like Tweet deck and twitter for Android, you can easily download this application too for FREE from the Android Market Place without any hassles.

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