3 Free Sites to Convert PDF to Word online

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Need convert pdf files to word? Looking for a free solution to do pdf to word conversion? This passage rounds up three online sites.

Solution One: PDF to Word
This online pdf to word tool can quickly and easily create editable DOC/RTF files from PDF files with three steps.
Step one. Select pdf to convert from the hard driver.
Step two. Choose the target file format: .DOC or .RTF
Step three. Input your email address and then click ‘ Convert ‘ button. After conversion, go to your email for downloading the converted file.
convert pdf to word

Solution Two: PDF Online
The PDF to Word Converter online tool provides the best quality PDF to Word conversion. Just browse your pdf document and click ” Upload and Convert ” button, then it will automatically do PDF to Word conversion and when finished, you will be provided a download link instantly without any waiting time and no email needs to be provided.
pdf to word converter online tool
pdf to word conversion

Solution Three:
Easy-to-use online PDF to Word converter do PDF to Word conversion with two steps: select your pdf file and click ” Convert and Download ” button.
online pdf to word converter

Even though Online PDF to Word Converters are free and easy-to-use, there are still some cons:
1. No technical support
2. No batch mode, so you need do PDF to Word conversion one by one.
3. Less stability

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