5 Best Desktop email Applications for Windows

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If you are involved in any type of online business, it is a must thing for you to have multiple email accounts. Besides your  personal email account you have to keep some other email accounts such as your website administrator email,support email etc. To handle these multiple email accounts it is necessary to use a desktop email client which supports multiple email logins. Below are given 5 best email software for Windows supporting multiple email account login and many other professional features.

Microsoft Outlook Express 2007

microsoft outlook express

Important features of Microsoft Outlook Express 2007

  • It is fully compatible with all windows mobile OS(5,6,7),
  • It is able to synchronize all the Emails, calendar appointments, contacts, notes, and even files, with your windows mobile phone,
  • You do not need to worry about data loss, or formatting of your mobile and fear of losing of contacts.
  • Support for multiple email accounts in one folder, easy one click options for many features, etc.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird

Important features of Mozilla Thunderbird

  • It is easier to use than the aforementioned one.
  • It is absolutely free and you don’t need to pay anything
  • It supports multiple email accounts in one window, with a separate folder for each account,
  • There is no need to search for a specific email, just look in the folder of desired email account,
  • One click email account for Gmail etc.

Download Thunderbird

Zimbra Collaboration Suite (Open Source Version)

Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Important features of Zimbra Collaboration Suite

  • Enables access to Yahoo! Mails including Y-Mail and RocketMail. without premium subscription and free of cost.You don’t  need to buy a Plus account.
  • POP and IMAP functionality like other clients and you can use it as you default email client.
  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite is compatible with paid clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail.
  • Zimbra also provides native two-way sync (like Microsoft outlook express)  with many mobile devices such as Windows Mobile, iPhone, Nokia E-series, BlackBerry.
  • Emails, contacts, and calendar items can be synchronized from these aforementioned devices with the ZCS server.

Zimbra Website

Claws Mail

Claws Mail

Important features of Claws Mail

  • Claws Mail runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Unix-like systems such as Linux, BSD, and Solaris.
  • Claws Mail is a free, GTK+based email client,
  • open source email and news client with very light in operation and easy functionality.
  • Claws Mail is very light lightweight. Like Firefox ,
  • Claws Mail has a wide variety of plug-ins for this email client makes ,so it is very flexible and secure.

Claws Mail Website

Postbox Express

Postbox Express

Important features of Postbox Express

  • Very easy to handle desktop email application
  • Supports all famous email services with one click email account setup options
  • You have to just put your name,email address, password and just click next and within moments all settings are acquired automatically from server

Now let us know what do you think about using of these type of email clients and if you like any such application do share with us here.


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