Where Will Integrated Technology Be in Ten Years?

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As the general evolution of technology permits all of our favorite gadgets to become faster, larger (or smaller) and cheaper, it also allows for an often-not-examined aspect of technology to develop: integrated technology. As it becomes increasingly more cost-effective to implement new forms of technology in applications that may not have once been considered prudent, we will see a variety of new forms of integrated technology within every aspect of our lives. This article aims to outline some of the areas in which this technology will appear over the next decade.

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Technology You Can Wear?

One of the most promising areas for integrated technology to appear in the next decade is in the realm of clothing and fashion. A variety of integrated tech clothing has already appeared on the market in some countries and is quickly becoming just as much of a fashion statement as it is a functional product. Some future examples may include a built-in USB port in your shirt pocket that powers your cell phone by using thin-film solar panels embedded in the back of the shirt or a pair of pants coated with a nano-material that is also slightly charged, helping repel stains, dirt and other messes.

Not Just Cars, Smart Cars

Another example where technology is becoming increasingly involved is in the automobile industry. We have seen cars come out over the past ten years with integrated assistance systems, global positioning systems, rear-view cameras and a whole slew of smart technologies. Over the next ten years, expect to see a continuation of these trends in much larger ways. There are already “smart cars” on the road that are fully capable of driving themselves and do so in heavily urban environments where traffic is congested. Once developed on a larger scale, we will see millions of fully-automated cars on our roads and highways, possibly within the next decade.

Medical Technology Is the Future of Medicine

Finally, one of the biggest developing trends in integrated technology is the ability to integrate said technology into our bodies for medical and genetic purposes. It is very likely that current blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors and other forms of observational equipment will be replaced in the coming decade by a series of injected monitoring devices that will wirelessly transmit this information to both your and your doctor’s computers. Developments further in the future will change this type of technology from one that monitors and reports to one that directly interacts and mediates, helping prevent health disorders before they occur.

Integrated Technology Is Integrating Our Life

Whether it is fashion, transportation or medicine, integrated technology is increasingly “integrating” itself with us. As we become more and more used to these forms of convenience, we may find ourselves on an irreversible path. Nevertheless, these trends show no signs of stopping, so we must be prepared and ready to embrace these new developments, as they increasingly become part of us.

The author Ajeet Khurana is a tech blogger, but also enjoys blogging about a whole of things About the Web. Follow him @AjeetK


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