Run your Bike without Battery

September 25, 2009 | by

The battery of motor cycles are usually used to power horn and indicators. If you are not using the bike regularly, thenĀ  the battery will be under charged and get damaged easily. Here on simple technique to power the horn and indicator of the bike.

For this you need to purchase one electrolytic capacitor of rating 2500 micro Fared 16 Volt (More rating can also be used). This is available at all electronic spare parts or repair shops for approx Rs 15/-

Remove the faulty battery and connect the capacitor’s positive lead to Red wire and negative lead to black/ green wire. The lead identification of capacitor is as show.Aluminum_Electrolytic_Capacitor

Now start the bike…Your bike’s horn and indicator will work. This is tested with Hero Honda, Bajaj and TVS bikes.


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