Promotional USB Drives- An innovative high impact marketing tool

July 24, 2012 | by

1Within a short span of time Customized Promotional USB drives have anchored their position in marketing field leaving the conventional promotional products like pens, mugs, key chains, calendars, T Shirts etc miles behind. The possibilities of Promotional USB Sticks are endless. Impact of a custom USB stick engraved with your company logo or molded in the shape your mascot can be beyond your imagination in terms of marketing.

Benefits of Promotional USB drives

  • A gift that people really use. No need to elaborate about the usefulness of USB drives. Earlier usage of USB drives were restricted to computers only, but now the application part extended to portable music players, car stereos, mobile phones, tablets and many more.
  • Compact and easily customizable:  Often we can see the promotional gifts like Mugs, Mementos, Pens, Pamphlets, Cards   etc rest in shelf  or waste bins only. Here extreme portable  and highly useful USB drives are the winners. USB drives can be easily attached to key rings, bracelets, pendants, wrist bands etc, means your brand always follow the customers. Nowadays high storage USB drives are coming as small as half of the size of a peanut, it makes customization easier and flexible. A USB storage chip can be accommodated anywhere- creativity is the only limit.
  • Economical: Thanks to the revolution in USB storage technology. USB sticks have never been so costly to afford. Customized USB disks can be manufactured very economically in bulk. You can get a 4 GB Customized USB disk for three to four dollars in bulk.
  • Verity of styles and colours:  Just go through this ultimate collection of strange USB drives. The shape varies from vehicles, sports items, animals, fishes, body parts, cartoon characters, logos and many more. It can be built from metal, plastic, rubber, cloth, paper, clay, wax or  combination of these. You can even make your own company logo shaped unique USB drive as a promotional gift.
  • Reliable and durable:  USB drives are known for ruggedness and reliability. Only physical extreme ambient conditions can damage a USB flash drive. This makes your gift more attractive and long lasting.

usb business cardYou can even replace your business card with a custom USB drive. Credit card/ business card shaped customizable USB drives are available in market. You just need to engrave or print your logo and other details over that.

It is a great idea to use customized USB sticks as a promotional tool for new startups. Instead of going for for Mugs, Pens, Keychains etc , increase your budget a little bit more and order few customized USB drives , include the same in your  promotional goodie bag. Media persons and your clients will certainly love that. Don’t forget to include a nice video or presentation which features your product in the drive.

Most of the Promotional USB drive suppliers demand bulk order means you have to order minimum hundred or more pieces. For a low budget campaign you can buy few low cost USB drives from market and screen print your logo or caption over that. Silk Screen printing is a cost effective solution, but your local screen printing guy may not be professional enough to do this task. However you can go for a try.


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