Wink- A new e book reader from India

August 21, 2010 | by

Amazon kindle brought a new revolution in ebook technology and several similar products followed the way of Kindle with attractive features. In India there is still scope of e book reading devices. Now another e book reader from India after Infibeam pi. Bangalore based EC media has launched a new ebook reader named “Wink”. This e book reader is specially designed for India and supports 14 Indian languages. A one stop wink store offers a collection of e books (More than 1 Lakh titles and counting). This will be the first e-news paper reader in India through Wink Wire service.  A bundle of free e books are available for download in Wink store. Books can be downloaded through the embedded 3G and WiFi connectivity.

Technical specifications

Wink reader is also using the E Ink display technology same as of conventional e- book readers. Other than the primary objective of e book reading, you can enjoy music, check emails and play games also. With a single charge Wink  enables viewing of 10000 pages or listening to 10 hours of music . Cost of the basic model Wink XTS costs Rs 11,500/- and will be available in stores from     01 September 2010 onwards.


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