7 Best Firefox add-ons for Bloggers to share their content

March 8, 2011 | by

If you are a blogger then the best and the optimized browser which supports blogging better is none other than Mozilla Firefox, due to extensive support for add-ons and also with a neat and clean interface this becomes a sure and obvious choice for all web needs. So, when we talk of add-ons then let’s check out what are the 7 best add ons which a blogger must have on their Mozilla Firefox. Basically the add ons are same as that of Plugins.


Basically a scribefire is a full features blog editor which integrates with the Mozilla Firefox which enables you to post the same content on your blog. With many added convenient features like dragging and formatting text option you can also upload the images on the same interface window itself and also can post the same to your multiple website and all of this within the same interface. After installing this add on / plugin in your Firefox, just press F8 key from your keyboard to start working on the same. Also, after posting the blog you can share the same.

Blogger Web comments 2

Blogger Web comments 2 is a very useful tool too for all the bloggers out there as this add on puts in the panel the comments to the current page, basically this is almost same as that of the one like blogger web comments or the Google web comments which also includes author and the title display, scrolling of the mouse, drag notifier, twitter and more such social and easy to use tools.

Feed Sidebar

With feed sidebar which is an extension for the firefox too displays all the items from the live book marks in the sidebar. Also after installing the feed sidebar, a new feed side bar will display the unread items from the feeds which you have bookmarked in the firefox and also adding to the convenience, feed bar will continue to check for all the new items even when the sidebar is closed and also this one comes with the offline support.


If you want one of the easiest and simplest way to share all your blog links to the social world then Shareaholic is the best one to do so as you can share the links to twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, evernote etc. This is truly an ultimate tool if you want to share to a social media. Also, it gives one click access to all URL shorteners like or even etc.

Digg Firefox Extension

This add on is just a perfect app if you are a die-hard fan of digg as it further simplifies the use of digg as it shows the dig information for the web page which you are on also it includes how many diggs have been already made before. You can see the last 10 diggers as well as also 10 most popular comments.


All the three buttons which are everything for the stumbleupon which are Stumble, Vote up and Vote down. When you click on the stumble button, the browser is sent to the random web page where the category is determined. The SU algorithm tries to send you to web pages it thinks you will find interesting based on your previous votes.

Twitterfox (now Echofon):

Twitterfox which is now called as the Echofon adds a tiny status bar icon which basically notifies the users whenever your friends post the tweets in a time line and post your own tweets. With this you can easily see unread count in the firefox status bar itself, one click access to twitter window, multiple twitter window and also comes with sequence tweeting feature. So, go there and open your blog’s account to share all your updates


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