7 Tips for Avoiding Blog Burnout

March 14, 2011 | by

Blogging is a demanding and time consuming process. It usually involves the process of collecting, reading, absorbing and compiling information into a neat, juicy post that offers your reader an understanding of the way you see and interpret issues.

Most avid bloggers are very passionate about writing and have two or more blogs that they contribute to at the same time. Due to their passion, they are likely to lose track of time writing, reading and updating their blogs. However, there is a limit to what one’s body can take in a day.

So how can you avoid getting burned out as a blogger? The following tips will help keep you fueled up and productive for the long haul.

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1. Establish your priorities

Is launching a new blog really beneficial for your personal or business objectives? If not, then don’t. It is that simple. Direct your energy to tasks that help in achieving your objectives.

2. Get rid of the chaff

Do you have some blogs that are no longer viable? If you have blogs that don’t attract much traffic or contain subjects that no one is interested in anymore, get rid of them quickly.

3. Grow up

Do you continue blogging, whether it achieves your objectives or not, out of some inappropriate emotional attachment to a blog? Then you may need to take steps to break that attachment. Many blogs are abandoned each day because they are not serving their purpose anymore, or because the bloggers matured and moved to more productive areas. Find the most appropriate way to promote your business and spend your time.

4. Get a life

Blogs cannot substitute family and friends. Since they work from home or elsewhere, bloggers are likely to ignore their loved ones. It’s vital to schedule your day to create time for family, particularly when there are children in the home.

5. Get ‘unwired’

In order to keep the ideas flowing, you need to engage in activities that nurture your body and mind. Shut down your PC or laptop and get away for a while. Take a walk and get some fresh air, workout in the gym or go for a movie. You will be amazed at how such activities can get your ideas flowing again.

6. Give yourself a break

If you realize that you did not blog about something crucial because you were attending to other pressing matters, don’t kick yourself over it. Make sure that your blogging schedule is realistic. No matter how important, a blog can always wait a day or two. At times, procrastination is not such a bad idea. Where possible, write a number of posts at a time so that you can take a break and give attention to other matters when necessary.

7. Quality, not quantity

Blog frequently, but don’t overdo it. For many bloggers, a good weekly frequency would be two to three posts. The key is to ensure that the posts are valuable. You don’t have to post about everything and anything in your field. Posts that are unique, full of opinion and meaty have a better chance of being linked to and read than posts which are just made up of a few words with links to the news source.

So, if you are losing touch with your family, if blogging has taken over your life and sanity, it is time to step back a little and rethink your priorities. Stop allowing blogs to rule your life.

This is a guest post by Charles Mburugu. He is a professional content developer and an entrepreneur. He often writes about real estate, finance, business start-ups and internet marketing. In the past few weeks he has been writing for blogs where you can get the latest coupon norton 360 and go daddy promotions.


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