A new font to insert Indian Rupee symbol-Enables better online usage

October 13, 2010 | by

Indian currency has now an official symbol like other major currencies. Govt has already passed instructions to all departments to use the symbol for all official correspondence. The online usage of Rupee font is still a problem because it has not yet included in the Unicode character set. In the mean time people are mainly using the font Rupee Foradian to insert Rupee symbol. In this font the “`” (Grave accent) is mapped as Rupee symbol. A problem with this font is that if we send a file with this symbol or use this in web pages, the same font must be installed in the recipient computer  otherwise “`” will be displayed instead of the rupee symbol. This is not desirable.

Raju’s Font

Mr Raju has come with a new Rupee font as a solution for the above mentioned problem. In this font the rupee symbol is mapped as the already available Unicode Rupee symbol “Rs”’. You can download the font from here and copy the same to your Font directory. To insert the symbol click insert > Symbol > More Symbols > Select the font “Indian Rupee” > Rupee Symbol > Insert.

You can use this symbol in online documents also. It will be displayed correctly in a system with the font installed and will show the old “Rs” symbol in the computers not installed with the font. It is a better option to display the old “Rs” instead of “`

Make a shortcut to insert the symbol

Goto insert symbol > Assign a convenient shortcut key. See the screen shot.

Download the font from Here


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