Download the new Indian Rupee font

July 18, 2010 | by

Few days back Indian currency Rupee got a new symbol . Design of  IITian Mr Udaykumar was selected  and approved as  the Rupee symbol .  Now Foradian Technology, an Indian internet engineering company has released a font which supports the new Indian currency symbol. The font can be downloaded from their blog  After downloading copy the same to your font folder. The font folder is available in Settings > Control panel.

To type the Indian Rupee symbol. Just select the Rupee Foradian font from the drop down menu of your word processor and type the  ” ` ” ( Grave accent) symbol (Key just above the “tab” button in keyboard). Now it will display the new Rupee symbol. See the screenshot. Why to wait? Try the new font.   Indian based hardware manufacturers have already committed that the new Rupee symbol will be incorporated in their future keyboards. Remember the new Rupee symbol has not yet added in Unicode.  It will take some time to go the symbol worldwide.

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