Advertising in Facebook – How to use it effectively

April 3, 2011 | by

Facebook marketing has become one really cool and virtually new way of advertising online. It gives you a great platform to work from, but at the same time it can be a little difficult to get started on.

facebook ads are not like Google Ads

You’ll see that Facebook advertising is a lot different from what you’re used to. It’s because it’s a social site. You can’t advertise there with banner ads or use pay-per-click like with Google. The main reason it’s that way is that the people who are on Facebook have a particular mind-set. They come there to network with their friends and meet new people, and just have fun. They aren’t looking for products or to get information, they come to find people.

facebook adsTarget

Your first step is to put your marketing hat on and do some careful thinking about the kind of individuals you would like to target. Ask yourself what kind of groups you think would make good customers for your products. What would these people enjoy reading about? Who might their friends be, and what might they be like? Am I looking for men, women, or both?  What type of fan pages do they join? After finding the answers to these questions, you’re ready to target a specific group of people who hang out on Facebook. It still can get a little tricky, but if you practice, it won’t take long to be an expert.

If you’re involved with a home business you can target people who are already big fans of home businesses, or any group that has some experts in this field. If you’re trying to sell weight loss products, target people who you already know are interested in it. And it’s the same with any product or service you want to sell. Just target that group and mingle and make friends. If you like to market as an affiliate marketer and your product is for dog training, it’s very easy to find like-minded people on Facebook. Find yourself a niche, like new mothers who want to drop pounds after giving birth.


You’ll find that advertising on Facebook gets to be really easy. You can type in targeted and specific keywords related to your target audience, and learn the exact number of people who are on Facebook that are interested in your specific market. Whatever your product, you’ll already know the potential for sales. Of course new people are being added daily, so whatever the number is now, you can expect that to grow. If you think the number is too low in your niche, keep looking and widen your search. Say you were targeting tools, but the number of people was really low. Then you may try typing in ‘cars’ and find people who work on cars and need tools.

Just play around on there until you find something that is going to profit your business, and from there, the sky’s the limit. Be sure and make yourself an email list while doing this. Building a list to market tool is one of the very best ways of making money online.



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