Legal Aspects Of Electronic Signature Technology

April 4, 2011 | by

The use of e-signatures has proven to be highly beneficial. Since their invention and implementation, they have provided an array of benefits to the day-to-day operations for a variety of businesses. This innovative technology has received widespread acclaim and growth in popularity by individual contractors, large corporations, and everything in between.

The passing of the ESIGN Act and UETA by the Congress of the United States has made electronic signatures legally binding and on par with wet-ink signatures. Due to the enactment of these laws, companies who utilize electronic signatures have been using them with confidence in their everyday office workflows. Secure electronic signatures are now supported by many other online programs and services, extending their usability to a variety of markets. Signers are capable of signing electronic contracts and other important documents, knowing their identity is verified and authenticated by security features that are only available by signing electronically.

Electronic Signature

The laws that protect the use of e-signatures on contracts refer to several guidelines that e-signature providers must abide by. Similar laws are applicable to both paper and Electronic Signatures, recognizing the legality of contracts. A document or contract typically requires an offer and an acceptance. Laws specific to electronic contracts address two unique issues. One such issue is the requirement of a drawn signature, and the other is in proving the validity of the contract. Under these laws, e-signatures are required to comply with strict rules and regulations. The implementation of such parameters is for the protection of those who utilize a secure Electronic Signature service.

E Signature providers can offer their users secure electronic signature options to execute many different types of documents. Due to the existence of laws supporting and protecting electronic signatures both in the US and throughout the world, people can use this technology with full confidence.


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