4 Adobe Illustrator Alternative Graphic Designing Applications

January 24, 2011 | by

Adobe Illustrator is widely used to create vector drawing and graphic designs and it is really a worthy tool to generate powerful graphics. But Illustrator is not an almighty application to do this and there are some other very good alternatives for it. Here I am telling about 4 professional Windows applications those can be used in place of Adobe Illustrator.


Literally CorelDRAW is an amazing tool and personally I like it very much as a graphic designer. As I have used Illustrator and CorelDRAW both, I find CorelDRAW is easier and more powerful than Illustrator. Before trying CorelDRAW I was a blind lover of Adobe Illustrator. But after using CorelDRAW I realized that CorelDRAW is much better.

Some features I find better in CorelDRAW

  • More powerful drawing tools
  • Enhanced path editing
  • Incredible typing option on any shape
  • Individual corner radius editing
  • Better object filling options
  • Better transparency options
  • Powerful image editor Photo paint

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DrawPlus is a professional graphic designing software which is not so popular as CorelDRAW and Illustrator but it is really a wonderful tool and I love it. I use it for most of my graphic designing projects. It has all options required for professional graphics designing and vector drawing.

What I like in DrawPlus

  • One click special effects
  • Filter effect library
  • Awesome color fill tools
  • Amazing brushes to create paintings
  • Powerful pen tool as in CorelDRAW and Ai
  • Brush stroke control with pressure studio
  • Inbuilt photo lab

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GIMP is an open source free application but it is very popular and works great according to its users. Personally I have not used it but some of my friends are using it since a long time and they find it satisfactory. Actually Gimp is not only a photo editor but also a drawing tool. There are a lot of external plugins available for GIMP. GIMP is available for Windows,MAC and Linux too.

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Xara Xtreme

Xara Xtreme is a fantastic and excellent graphic designer application and image manipulator. The important thing to be noticed is that it has incredible ready-made designs for editing and anyone can be surprised seeing these sample designs. Xara Xtreme offers one month full trial like CorelDRAW and Illustrator and you can design and export anything without any limitation for one month.

What I like in Xara Xtreme

  • Fast processing for special effects
  • Effective vector drawing
  • Awesome sample designs for editing
  • Specially designed English alphabets
  • One click special effects

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Now do let us know about your favorite graphic desgining Windows application and how it can be compared to Ai Illustrator.


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