Funny Memes and cartoons after Apple vs Samsung legal battle verdict

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 (1) Apple vs Samsung vs Nokia

(2) Samsung paid $1.05 billion to Apple by sending 30 trucks containing five-cent coins– This is the funniest story got widespread attention through social networks and blogs. Paperblog says Samsung sent More than thirty trucks loaded with 5 cent coins to Apple HQ California. The signed document doesn’t specify the payment method, Samsung can pay the compensation as they like

apple samsung war
(3) Funny Samsung Vs Apple war cartoon strip by

apple screw

(4)A Strange protest outside Apple’s Office.

Apple sues god

(5) They are going to sue God. All rights of Apples go to Apple inc only. Any God’s advocate here?apple vs samsung

(6) iPad look alike appliances are in danger zone. Apple’s eye on you.  cartoon

(7) Another funny carton strip from Joyoftech on the after verdict effect

minority report apple samsung

(8) The so called “pinch to zoom” patented feature of Apple was featured  years before in Hollywood blockbuster Minority Report. Credit goes to Spielberg

slide to unlock

(9) Apple’s patented Slide to lock/unlock feature is actually patented by the technicians of iron age. triangular

(10) After the verdict no one can make rectangular tablets and smart phones.

apple now and then

(11) “We’ve always been shameless about stealing great ideas”- Billion dollar words by Steve Jobs

jury goes with an ipad

(12) Finally the Jury goes home with a free iPad

error 404

(13) Error 404- Apple has seized the website for violating the patented colours white and Black

idea stealer
(14) Idea Stealers – “You also drew a Rainbow”


(15) Apple owns everything

Maruti Suzuki Sues Apple for stealing their slide to unlock door design

If You love iPhone then Buy Galaxy S3.

Apple Vs Samsung battle verdict – Funny videos

Hitler reacts to the Apple vs Samsung verdict

Apple Kills Star Trek

All these memes and strips are collected from social networks, hence it’s tough  to credit the actual creators. If you know more funny memes on this, please share it.


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