iPhone 4 Carrier Wars Are Inevitable

August 21, 2010 | by

You won’t hear the end of it anytime soon. Lets face it, Apple is leading the way with it’s products, namely the iPhone 4(despite antenna issues). Apple was quick to resolve the issue with a free iPhone 4 bumper case which got mixed reactions from consumers and the media. Either way, Apple received a ton of press and it seems as though that trend will continue due to the fact that Apple will finally be freed of it’s exclusivity contract with AT&T. Rumors continue to fly wildly about what Apple will do next, some stories so outlandish that it seems only for the purpose of attention and to exploit a hot topic.

Common sense points to Verizon Wireless as the next iPhone and iPad carrier. What about AT&T though? Obviously the iPhone 4 will stay as they have a huge customer base already but the issue of pricing arises. AT&T subsidizes for the iPhone 4 and with good cause, they have exclusivity. When Verizon or maybe even Sprint get a hold of the iPhone 4, it will inevitably be an all out war to offer customers the best price.

If Verizon announces a better price and better plan than AT&T has, it will be more than enough reason for many AT&T customers to jump ship and swim on over to Verizon, especially as AT&T has had somewhat poor coverage and Verizon Wireless heavily promotes it’s wide coverage area.

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