Take care while saving password in Mozilla Firefox

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Mozilla Firefox is the popular browser holds around 22% of the global market share. It surpasses internet explorer in many aspects like security, fastness, variety of plugins and addons, etc. It has been experienced that people start browsing from Internet explorer (Because it is the default browser of Microsoft windows) subsequently switch over to Firefox due to multiple reasons. Not going to too much details, let’s come to the topic. Browsers using different techniques to save the passwords . Retrieval of the saved passwords are not a difficult task.

Extreme care must be taken while saving the password in Firefox because it is very easily accessible to anyone without using any tools . If you are using a single personal computer then it will not be  an issue but if you are browsing from a cyber cafe or a shared  computer,  then any one can see your saved passwords.

How to view the saved passwords

Open Firefox go to Tools > Options

In this select Security tab, there you can see the ” Saved password” button. Click on that, It will display the site address, user name. To view the saved password click on “show password” button. It will display all saved passwords.

Remember : Deleting history and cookies  and all offline data will not delete the saved password. If you want to delete the saved passwords click the “remove all” button.If you have accidentally saved the password in a shared machine then don’t forget to remove the passwords by following the above mentioned steps.

firefox password


Setting a Master password to protect the stored passwords

If you are using your personal computer it is advisable to protect all your saved passwords with a master password. For this click tools > options> security> enable ” use master password” option, then a pop up window will come up to enter a master password. If you enter a master password then you will be asked to enter this password once per session. It is important that you have to remember the master password.



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