ShoutOut Consumer -Launches India’s first scrollable webcomic

January 3, 2012 | by

ShoutOut is a Bangalore based startup focusing on the area of consumer activism in India . The company wants to launch a new portal which would be the bridge between companies and the consumers for complaint handling. The website is currently under development and is expected to launch in Feb ,2012 . But in the mean while the company has created ‘India’s first scrollable’ web comic featuring Rajinikanth.


as the mascot . The unique thing about this comic is the fact that the animation comes alive based on user scrolling . The story reveals itself as one starts to scroll down. The comic is developed in CSS3, JS and jQuery tools and is designed to work across all major browsers  as well as smartphones and Tablets . The development challenge was to ensure that the user has consistent experience regardless which browser or device is used to access the web-comic.

The comic story revolves around Rajini who has an unprecedented pan India appeal . Rajini goes for a walk down a typical Indian street. The walking action animation is tied to the scrolling by the viewers. During the walk Rajini is able to recall complaints against different brands and at the end Rajini reveals his source of information as ‘ShoutOut’ . Using this story the startup aims to provide a preview to the upcoming site which would be launched in Feb ,2012.  To see Rajini in action visit ShoutOut


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