Five Essential Steps for Building a Great Blog

February 22, 2011 | by

Even if your are an experienced blogger, many of us (myself included) often neglect the basics of a good blog. Some people just get lucky or seem to have a nack for talking to people but even if you consider your own blog as being successful, there are always ways that you can improve it.

Here I am going to talk about how you can build a great blog that will keep people coming back and  clicking on the comments buttons all day long.

Five tips for a better blog

1. Include a Photo of Yourself on the Blog

Although many people understand that a blog should be personal, there is nothing more comforting than seeing the face of the person your are talking to. This gives people a feeling of reassurance that they are not being sold into some form of marketing scheme and are far more likely to interact after seeing your face. With this in mind, make sure you are smiling in the photograph too.

2. Make Your Blog Address Obvious to Everyone

Many people who operate on the Internet and make their income through online marketing and blogging often use business cards. It is natural to assume that most people will have the  URL to their main website on this card but this is often seen as a sales pitch.

By having the URL to your blog on your business card, this will give the respective individual the opportunity to take a look at your blog without the worry that you are going to try and sell them something.

3. Use Video on Your Blog

Using videos on your blog is a great way to gain people’s interest. Most people today prefer to sit back and simply watch a video and this is a great way to tap into markets for people that maybe  visually impaired and find it difficult to read small text on laptops and computers.

Another great thing about using videos is that you can make it as interesting as you want by using simple video creation programs to create graphics and other visually stimulating media to gain yet further interest into the topic for the niche in which your blog relates to.

4. Contribute Content to Other Places Than Your Blog

By contributing content to article distribution sites and other blogs will drive more traffic to your own blog. In its basic sense, a blog is designed to generate traffic and create interest with people and communities within that particular topic.

By distributing to any one of the most popular article websites and other authority blogs in your niche, you will benefit from extra traffic, additional authority and get your name out there at no extra cost.

5. Use Social Media Websites

Taking part in any of the popular social media websites on the Internet is another great way for you to build your blog and gain recognition.

As we all know, the most popular social media websites on the Internet today are Facebook and Twitter and by using these in a smart and intelligent way without attempting to spam everybody with your blog URL, you will be able to ultimately gain peoples trust and have them visiting your blog to leave comments on the related topics.

Any More?

Here I have outlined five simple strategies to help you build a successful blog. If you have any tips or techniques of your own, please share them in the comments below!


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