What Makes Android Phones Highly Popular Devices?

February 3, 2011 | by

What do Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire HD, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 and other highly acclaimed mobile phones have in common? They all run on Android OS – the most popular mobile phone platform till date. Introduced to the world in 2007, this smart phone platform has attained huge success and popularity among the communities of mobile software developers and mobile phone users.

Unit sales for smart phones running on Android acquired number one position in the USA smart phone market for the second as well as third quarters of 2010. So, which aspects make Android phones immensely admirable?Android

Open Source Platform

First of all, Android is an open source platform which means that anyone in the world can use its code to program new features. As a result, all top manufacturers are making use of the platform to deliver innovative Android phones in the market and you can get them With the help of  Cell Phone Shop Coupon . Unlike Android, other mobile platforms like Symbian, iPhone OS and Blackberry OS are restricted to single mobile phone manufacturer only.

The Google Brand

Google started it all by purchasing Android Inc. in 2005 and taking the idea of an open mobile platform further. Google being an already established name as an internet giant made its entry to the world of mobile phones through Android platform. All popular Google applications, including G Mail and Google Search are integrated with the platform, extending the usability of Android phones. Going further, Google took a great step by not charging any licensing fee for the use of the platform and keeping it free for use.

Multitasking at Its Best

One of the most admired capabilities of Android phones is multitasking. This desirable feature has existed for other popular devices like Apple’s iPhone, but it was a made a phenomenon by Android developers. Multitasking allows the users of Android devices to run a number of applications simultaneously, without facing any inconvenience while switching back and forth among different applications.

Every Growing Application Base
There are more than 200,000 applications that can be installed in Android phones. The credit for this huge database of applications goes to the application developers who constantly make use of the open source platform to develop innovative applications. The result is that the Android application base is expected to be ever-increasing at a fast rate.

Customization and Performance

Android phones are highly customizable devices that allow their users to make these phones friendlier and highly usable. At the same time, the speed of Android based phones is constantly improving with the launch of each new version of the platform.

These advantages make Android phones the highly desirable gadgets of the modern age of communication. With many new innovations being conducted, one can expect the future of Android Smart Phones to be even more enthralling


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