Android Apps To Unleash The PC Within Your Android Smartphone

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Android is quite a versatile mobile operating system, capable enough to perform every task what a PC can do. For that, you just need the right Android app to make it work for you. Rest is just a cake walk. So here are some equivalent Android Apps using which users can perform all the tasks on their Android smartphone what they can do on their PC.

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Office Android Apps

Quick Office Android App

The one which comes bundled with your Android Smartphone works just great, yeah you got it right, I’m talking about Quick Office Android app using which users can view and read .doc, .xls, .pdf, .ppt files on the go. It’s quite useful and users have to register once to make it work. If the bundled one is not your first preference, than you might find this one useful.

Think Free Mobile Office Viewer

Think Free Mobile Office Viewer apart from the basic tasks on viewing/reading Word/Style sheets/PowerPoint files, also supports Google Docs too, users can also send/view email attachments and more. It’s useful only if you are having an Android Smartphone with Android OS v2.2 aka Froyo and above. Comes in both variant, free and paid. Choose what you prefer.

Download Manager Android Apps

Download All Files

Surfing and downloading on the go is an exceptional experience for us all. But there are few media formats which your Android Smartphone might not support or alerts saying that the File format not supported. That’s where we require a download manager for our Android Smartphone which lets you download all media formats without any hesitation. So Android OS v2.2 users, grab Download All Files Android App from the Android Market, it’s free to use.

ASTRO File Manager Android App

So now you are done with downloading stuff, it’s time to manage things right. Don’t get me wrong, ASTRO File Manager also works as a Download Manager too, apart from that it allows you to manage all your file and more. Users having ASTRO File Manager can copy, rename, unzip zipped files, can backup/restore, can search files within the Android file management system and more what you can do on your PC. No specific words about the compatibility whether its going to work out for your device or not, as it varies from device to device. Download and try, else move on to the next option.

File Expert

The name says it all, File Expert is a sure thing to manage the files the way they should be manager, just like you manage them on your PC. Cut, copy, rename, zip/unzip, access your cloud storages, uninstall, backup, restore and more, searches and more. File Expert is a thing if you want to unleash the PC within your Android Smartphone. Grab it from the Android Market, if you are using Android OS v2.0 and device using later Android platforms.

Video Editor Android Apps

AndroMedia Video Editor

All Androids are capable enough to play video formats, but when it comes to video editing, they are just same as your PC, need an extra Application to skim out the task. Though, not really the fan of video editing on the go, doesn’t it sound absurd. But here at your request, AndroMedia Video Editor allows you to enjoy video editing on the go. Crop, Trim, apply effects, transition, Fade In, Fade Out and plethora of features it provides. You just need the right Android Smartphone with Android OS v2.2 and later to play with videos and more to make it worth the shot.

Torrent Clients Android Apps

aTorrent – Torrent Downloader

The only thing left to unleash the PC out in your Android Smartphone is a Torrent App using which users can enjoy torrent downloading on the go. This App just works they way it should be. Users can search torrents, can open torrents right from the web browser, can allow the torrent app to download multiple torrents at a time and more, can resume their downloads too. You just need the right Android device to make it work out for you, the one having Android OS v2.1 and above. It’s free.

Torrent Fu

There are Android Smartphone having lower Android platforms too, I’m talking about the Android OS v2.1 and before. They also deserves to enjoy some torrent stuff on their devices too. Torrent Fu is the light Android Torrent Client using which they can enjoy torrent downloading on their devices. Though, not providing too many features but users can search for torrents, can fire up torrents downloading from the remote PC, can start their downloading right from the web browser without wasting time. It’s free to use and can be downloaded from Android Market.

Picture Editor Android Apps

PicSay – Photo Editor

On PC, users can edit images using Picasa or a more professional tool like Adobe Photoshop. But here on Android Smartphones, PicSay does exactly what it says. Edit picture, add effects, edit color, spice up your picture with this intuitive Android app. Works on almost all Android Smartphones including Android OS v1.5 and up. Free to use and above is the link to grab it from the Android Market.

PicsArt – Photo Studio

Didn’t like the one above, try this one. Consider this as Adobe Photoshop for Android as it provides plethora of features to play and tweak images the way you want them to be. Can’t really describe all those technical stuff what users can do with this Picture Editor Android app, but it does what it says quite right. Why not download and tweak some of your gallery images. To add, it’s free to use and available there in the Android Market.

PDF Creator Android Apps

PDF Creator Ultimate

Now time to shell out some money. Yeah, it’s a paid app. It’s hard to find a PDF Creator application, for a PC which is free to use. But PDF Creator Ultimate on Android Smartphones works just great. Plethora of features it provides including creating PDF from scratch, converting some other document to PDF file format, converting gallery images to PDF, change default document fonts and more. Or take an image of the document and convert it into PDF file. But the list doesn’t come to end here, explore the link and conclude. Isn’t it great. After all, it’s a paid Android application. Worth the shot, interested users can grab this Android app from the Android Market. Works on almost all Android Smartphone having Android Platforms OS v2.1 and above. Price 130 INR.

Media Player Apps

Apart from the inbuilt media player of Android, we can see few more awesome apps in Android Market.

Real Player

Real Player is featured as an ultimate media player for Android. RealPlayer includes an excellent user interface, playlist editor, widgets an many more to make your media enjoyment more enjoyable. Moreover the player support all file format that your device supports.

MixZing Media Player

MizZing media player is an advanced Android media player. The application has a nice feel and has colorful menus, play, pause and skip buttons provide an easy interface.

So these are some Android Apps to unleash the PC within your Android Smartphone. Lets discuss some more such Android Apps which can help you to churn out more from your Android Smartphones.


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