Facebook, Android, iPhone Apps – Threat To Your Personal Information

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2011 can be perfectly quoted as era of social networking. But it is the Apps and other social games which is making it more and more interesting. But one thing you might not be aware of, that with the use of these apps and games, your personal information is always at stake. How Facebook, Androids are forcing us to share our personal information? It’s the apps, we got to use in return. And let me mind you, it is apps which is the biggest threats to your personal information.

No doubt, without updating and exposing a little information, will not interests other users or fellow beings, but over exposing the same, might even force you to completely changed your mind too. With the right set of information revealed out to the world, you might have to face serious circumstances. And let me even more frank, it’s the social networks, whatever it be, with a blink of an eye, and your personal information goes viral.

There’s something you should never share it on such websites, i.e. your contact info, social security numbers, your house address. Rest, is all up to you. Fake it if it’s possible, but keep a strict watch over your personal information, and where it is shared and where it is being used. Let me make it simple for you.

Facebook, How Many Apps Are You Using?

Facebook being the vast social network allows you to connect with so many different services for which you don’t have to create another login username to access that. And that’s what they call is an APP. Here’s an image which tells about how much data/personal information is being shared to use a single app on Facebook. Now can you list down the set of information being shared in the image below. I squared it red for you.

facebook apps threats

How To Prevent That?

Not Possible At All!! Well Facebook says, if you want to use a particular application, you have to throw in some of your personal information. Though, you can restrict the set of information being shared with an app. Here’s how to do that.

  • Login to your Facebook Account.
  • Beside the Home Button, Select the Privacy Settings by clicking the Down Arrow button situated to the top right.

click on apps and websites

  • Move down to Apps and Websites. Buzz over the button Edit Settings.
  • Now here you’ll see all the Apps and Websites you are using on Facebook.

information used by facebook apps

  • Remove the unwanted one’s and the one you are using, restrict the access of information to the minimum by Editing the Settings in front of “How people bring your info to apps they use”.

reduce the information to facebook apps

  • Now uncheck all the information you do not wish to share with Apps and other websites. That’s the least you can do. Fact worth noticing is that, if you uncheck all the information or if you wish to completely restrict to share your information to a particular app, you will not be able to use it. Pretty bad example of Give and Take.

When It comes to Apps – What’s Android Up To

First, a question to you all, what fascinates you the most about Android? I’m sure it’s not the music, it’s the millions of Android apps there in the Android Market that made you shell some bucks to buy an Android smartphone. Isn’t it? Better not talk about the statistics of these Android Apps making it to the market everyday, and mind it, few of them are intentionally there to access only your personal information. What’s there way of stealing your information?

Android apps also uses the same method of Give And Take, to access your information. When you try to install the apps from the Market, just before it, you’ll see that message shown below in the screenshot which says that allow this app to share or access such and such information which can includes your contact number, your messages, some of the dearie one’s can also make a call through your contact info.

android apps accessing information

Such is the extent, and you won’t believe it’s still topping as the best mobile OS. Now that’s the case if you install apps from Android Market. But there are other sources too. If you want to install apps from other sources than Android Market, then check Applications Settings via Settings in Android smartphones. Which also welcomes you with a pretty message, just screen spotted for you. Have a look.

android-apps-information-access-warning_thumb.jpg What more amazes me that you can’t even prevent or even restrict a bit of information from being shared, if you want to use Android apps. Simply, no way. Use it or leave it. Deal or no deal.

Lets bring the iPhone in the Lime Light..

Last but off course not the least. Apple devices are not lagging behind in this app race. Same is the case with iOS products. No matter what services you are using, you still have to compromise your personal information with the services being used. And what are they cooking behind the scene, you don’t even know. Same structure like Android, iOS devices access the information if you want to use the apps and features. Though, Apple Store is a bit secured as compared to Android Market Place, but still rogue apps reigns over there too.

So what’s your take on this? Do you feel secure while sharing your personal information, where you are not even aware of how it is being used by Apps developers, Apps and other websites you got to use after compromising your information. Keep a close eye on this. Use the apps when it is really necessary, avoid sharing every bit of information, fake it if you can. Now it’s 2012, stay safe, though hard, but try to stay app free.


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