Apple Maps- The biggest mistake – Funny memes and trolls

September 26, 2012 | by

Apple breaks their  mighty “No beta policy”. This step back was started from the voice assistant  SIRI and now  the same mistake repeats through Apple maps.  As usual the web world reacted to Apple Maps through funny memes and trolls. Here sharing such memes, trolls and videos that we came across through social networks – not the exaggerated reactions from Android guys or Apple haters. Even diehard Apple fan boys will agree with this.

apple imap fail

still a better map than ios 6 map

Still a better map than iOS 6 Map


Buy an iPhone 5, they said comes with a map they said


Google Map vs Apple Maps

ET Appe Maps

ET and Apple Maps

apple maps funny

Not sure if drunk driver or is using Apple’s Maps

not sure let me check google

Not sure – Let me check Google


Apple Maps Development Team !!!



Inception 2010 and Apple Maps 2012 !!

need to get hospital fast use iMap

Needs to get hospital fast use Apple Maps


doctor use imap

My doctor uses iPhone Maps,so the Apple really does keep him away

colombus apple maps

It wasn’t Columbus’s fault..ios6 maps said it was India.!!!


Hitler finds out about iOS6 and Apple Maps- Video


Note: All these images are shared though various social networks. If you know the original source- it will be credited.


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