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A website occupies a distinguished place at internet because of its design. Simple and user friendly web design appeals customers and complicated web design annoys them. Websites that open at great speed are welcomed by targeted visitors. Best tip for a web design company to get more customers and retain the old ones is to make the website loading time as low as possible.

Benefits Of Less Load Time


· Reduced load time makes a website more usable.

· Search engines pay special attention to load time for ranking websites.

· Less load time consumes little bandwidth and also leaves little pressure on server.

Web Designers Should Have Knowledge Of Load Time Importance


If you are hiring an expert web design company then, make it sure that their web designers are expert in making fast websites. They should also have clear understanding of high load time and its impact over attracting customers.

Factors Affecting Less Website Load Time

Following are the main factors that should be considered while making any website user friendly.

Know What’s The Current Speed Of Your Website


Before you bring any improvement, try to know what the existing speed of your website is. It will help you in bringing right improvements at your web pages and enhancing customer base. Get support from many online tools that are available for free.

Make Content Compressed And Well Optimized


Use JavaScript and CSS to make your website content compressed. HTTP compression helps in making website data to be sent in one single website.

Optimize The Images


One major reason behind high load time is lack of image optimization. Heavy images take more time to appear at screens of end users. Try to lower the image dimension and resol0ution. You can also try a different file format for lowering the file size.

Redirecting Increases Load Time


301 redirects should be avoided in all cases; it opens new browser and results in high load time of a website.

Lower The Number Of Http Requests


CSS is goof option to compact many images and to lower the HTTP requests. Images, stylesheets and scripts increase the download time and can make users switch to some other website.

Keep JavaScript And CSS In External Files


By doing this you can easily update and maintain your website. While being located in HTML document, more time will be taken by your web pages to download.

Make your website easily opening at users’ systems and expect more visitors with chances of more conversions. An expert web design firm should keep the above mentioned tips in mind while designing a website.

This is a guest post by Conroy James, Working as a Professional Content Writer for more then five years. He is an Expert in Writing all types of Topic and Currently  Working in a Web Design Company for more then Three Years.


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