Become More Productive with Ergonomic Office Furniture

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Are your employees feeling uncomfortable at their desks these days? Well, your office furniture and the workstations could be the reason behind their distress. Recent research shows that choosing ergonomic office furniture and technology can have a significant impact on how your employees feel and work at the office.

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What does the survey say?

A survey conducted by the Staples Advantage shows that more than 80% of employees report at least one or more discomforts due to lack of ergonomic office furniture. It is truly a workplace aspect that is paid less attention or totally ignored most of the times.

Results from the survey show that one third of employees agree that they would be much more pleasant to work with comfortable workplace or more ergonomic office furniture. And 35% of the participants agreed that they would be stressed less at work with office furniture that is ergonomic and comfortable.

Survey results also reveal that more than 80% of employees do not have ergonomic keyboards, which further increases the risk of wrist strain and such ailments as the carpal tunnel syndrome.

The real situation out there

Despite many surveys and their results warning us to choose ergonomic workstations, many organizations still overlook office ergonomics and find it uncommon. Apart from choosing ergonomic furniture at office, it is important to adjust the available workspace ergonomically for more comfort and to avert future discomforts.

What you get in return

In addition to keeping the employees happy and fit throughout the day, fine-tuning the office ergonomically can have many positive effects at the workplace.

How the employees utilize their seating is as important as choosing the office chairs or any other furniture that has optimal benefits for them.

Choosing the right chair for the appropriate task is also very essential while choosing the office furniture. The chair designs may slightly vary according to the specific job functions of an employee. Considering chairs that are multi-functional could be the best suggested option for any organization. However, it is important to choose those which are more adjustable and suit almost all the body types.

Apart from choosing ergonomic office furniture such as chairs and desks, it is also necessary that other office equipment such as the keyboards, mice and monitors too are selected to provide comfort to the employees. Adapting some inexpensive and common office ergonomic methods and using them appropriately can make your office more productive.

Also keep in mind

Above all, adapting the right posture is the key as even the ergonomic furniture can strain the body if you are not seated in the right position. Frequent craning of the neck to communicate with co-workers also strains the shoulders and neck despite using ergonomic chairs.

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