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Blogging is a great way to share thoughts, perspectives, activities and more, with friends, or anyone on the internet. These personal statements, often referred to as posts as available for everyone to read and do not contain long text paragraphs alone, but are often laced with video clippings, images and photographs, links and references to other material. Bloggers who have the iPad can now avail of all the benefits that its numerous apps offer.
Some of the best iPad apps that can make blogging simpler than ever before include:

WordPress This original app is available for the iPad, customized for its wide screen and making it easy for bloggers to write drafts, moderate comments and feedback, and publishing posts faster than before. WordPress has the distinction of being the most popularly used blogging software. Available free of cost, WordPress facilitates addition of links, editing and geo-tagging. It makes simple tasks like skimming through comments and replying or deleting them, even easier than before.

TweetDeck Blogging may be a personally gratifying experience but it makes sense to have it reach a large reader group. This is possible only with social networking sites like Twitter or TweetDeck. This app is amongst the best Twitter client for the iPad that reveals the current trends and the latest developments in the writing circuit.

Instapaper Pro- Bloggers need access to reading material and other resources they may have come across. Instapaper Pro is a convenient app that helps to save web pages for reference offline at a later time. Priced at $4.99, its worth every penny of the amount spent.

Things This app that helps to maintain a to do list with the best Task manager makes simple day to day activities easy. Bloggers can use this app to keep track of all that they have to accomplish in the day, and plan activities, while tapping away all the completed tasks. The price tag of $19.99 is a bit steep but its benefits far outweigh the expense.

Evernote Bloggers need to have access to pen and paper all the time to put down thoughts and ideas as and when they strike. This could happen in the middle of a conversation, a meeting, while driving or commuting. Now pen and paper are outdated, and with the iPad a constant companion, Evernote can pitch in, for taking down notes. This allows typing text, including pictures taken from the camera, and voice recordings. Above all, it does not cost anything since its free for the iPad.

Multitask– this $1 app is a steal for all that it lets you do. Bloggers are always multitasking and this app is a Twitter timeline and RSS reader displaying app with a full browser. SO the screen shows Twitter and RSS on the left and the browser on the right.

SimpleSense– Finally, an app that helps to maintain the AdSense account. SimpleSense that is a free app helps to see your earnings and allows auto login into your account.
Bloggers can thus make the iPad their all-in-one work desk, laptop and writing pad, as they multitask and accomplish their writing and other activities even while on the move.


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