Bolt mobile browser coming with indic language support

November 30, 2010 | by

We have already written an article about the mobile browser Bolt few months back. Bolt is a powerful mobile browser from Bitstream. Now they have announced the release of the new version of Bolt mobile browser which support eight Indian languages. The supported Indian languages are Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Oriya.

Bolt is a fast loading mobile browser which supports HTML 5 and streaming videos with a full PC like tabbed browsing experience.  it works with almost all type of mobile handsets . Presently in Opera Mini with some tweaks one can read Indian language contents. But that method takes more data and sites load poorly. This is the first time a browser is coming with full Indian language support.This will facilitates users to read as well as input the Indian language scripts. Moreover one can copy, paste, transfer the Indic scripts very flexibly.

Bitstream will launch this during the forthcoming India Telecom Expo scheduled to be conducted from 9 Dec to 11 Dec in New Delhi. In addition to this they are planned to introduce a cloud based mobile internet for the users in India.

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