Computer support, the absolute basics for beginners- What you need to know

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Most people aren’t computer experts. Some are more or less computer literate, but that’s a long way from being able to deal with everything that can happen to a computer. The need is to have computer support available whenever you need it, and that can get a bit confusing, too. You need to know what sort of services you need, and how to get them.

There are two basic types of computer support- Technicians and remote support. Technicians will either come to your place or you go to them. Remote support is a direct link between computer technicians and your computer.

For hardware issues, obviously you need technicians. Other types of issue, like software installation, computer backups, data transfer and malware removal, can be done remotely.

This is a basic outline of the computer support services available:

This work is done onsite:

  • Setting up your computer- For a new computer
  • Data transfer- Transferring your files to another computer.
  • This work can be done remotely or onsite:
  • Data removal- Erasing hard drives
  • Automated backup- Backing up your files
  • Installing hardware or software- Installing new operating systems, programs, equipment, etc.

How to pick a good computer support company

There are a lot of computer support businesses, including local technicians and all-areas computer support firms. What matters is service quality. Good computer support people really are worth their weight in gold. They can save you a lot of worry and money, simply by keeping your computer healthy. If you have your own business, having good computer support is totally essential.

The issues in picking a computer support firm are actually your issues.

You need:

  • People certified to work with your type of operating system, like Apple or Windows.
  • Clear upfront fees and charges.
  • Punctual service.
  • Preferably, a very wide range of services, including all the remote and onsite services outlined above.
  • Good communicators who can explain issues and solve problems efficiently.
  • Guarantees- The best are the “No Fix, No Fee” services.
  • Warranties clearly defined
  • 7 day computer repairs service: This can be extremely important, particularly if your computer is part of your business. Downtime can be expensive.
  • All-suburbs services
  • Good customer service
  • Advisory services: Computer service professionals are also very good advisory people to have available when you’ve got minor computer issues.

Finding the right computer service

The simplest and definitely the easiest way to find computer services is online. This allows you to compare services, and also gives you a good idea of prices. Compare at least 3 of the all-suburb services, and you’ll soon be able to make a decision.

You’ll soon have a shortlist of the best options. It’s a good idea to contact these firms directly, and ask a few relevant questions about getting service for your computer or getting new software. You’ll find that you do have a preference for one firm over others because you’ve received a better response from that firm.

Now you’ve got your own computer service on standby when you need it. That’s all you need to do.

This is a guest post by Philip Black. He is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including Computer Repairs.


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