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February 1, 2013 | by

QR CodeMany online companies are now making use of a good QR code generator to communicate users with their online businesses. This is because the trend of online buying and surfing has enhanced in recent years. Online searches have increased for all kinds of products, search of information on anything and almost everything, and online transaction businesses have started using them. QR coding is a good means of connecting the PR with mobile marketing and BTL advertising. Although most of the people around the world do not know about the concept, still those who know have lot to know about it as well. Intel, replacing the use of bar codes, initiated such technology. QR codes are niftier than the latter. You can save handful of relevant information in them and then their help to relevant sites online can guide the users. QR codes can save:

  • Email ID’s
  • URL’s
  • Names
  • Number data
  • Product information etc

However, scanners due to many reasons reject most of the online codes. Some code generators do not apply the concept of relevancy of information saving in the codes. Information not related to a page online may help reduce the traffic of users. There may be more reasons as follows:

1) Codes are generated and placed without testing. If a code is not working, it would not be good enough for online businesses. Marketing will always fail without testing and so is the case in this area as well. The scanning will not go well and the error may lead to an uninterested consumer online. That is why, it is recommended for all the people to create branding with the help of QR codes.

2) Longer URL’s in QR codes are not a proper way to save information. They are hardly correctly scanned and with longer URL’s pages do not usually open the way they should this distorts online traffic. It is better to use concise URL/s and shorter length site links.

3) Nowadays, new technology has to be introduced to people if you want its acceptability among them. Similar is the case in this area. Many do not know QR codes and if you just initiate codes on websites, they will be ignored because of illiteracy. Educating people to be your future users online is one initiative in this regard. That is how safer traffic can be generated and retained.

4) Getting into too fancy QR codes is a mistake. People may regard the QR code as a design if it is more towards creativity and good looks rather being a simple QR code. For example, if you place a QR code in a picture of a girl wearing gold earrings, and the QR code is placed on the gold motif of an earring, it would not help, place QR codes at obvious places, else they will be taken as something else and not codes. Place them anywhere on your site, as long as they are relevantly visible and differentiable to users.

5) The QR coding will fail if the user is guided to a page not open able by a mobile device. Pages that can be easily seen on computers cannot easily be opened on mobile phones due to lesser internet speed and memory space to process online information and downloading rate. Using a website that can be easily opened with the help of a mobile device can help in this regard. Just like Facebook has made a mobile page for Smartphone users, you can also do that by a little developer’s help.

Such tips can help you in avoiding many errors in online marketing through this technique. You will be able to guide good traffic to your site this way as well.

This is a guest post by Muhammad Azam who has many published guest posts across the web and writes as a freelancer for different companies. He has expertise in the field of marketing specially “QR Code Generator” area, which is new way of promoting products and services.


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