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May 23, 2010 | by

This is a guest article by Siva Ganesh, He is  writing articles about Techno related stuff on his website :

The fantasy of Internet is you are not struck in one website, you can move along as many website as you like and intake different kind of stuff you come across. However there are many websites which allow you to view content of the page only after registering .  you need to register in various website and also remember them.  The username doesn’t seems interesting to you. But it like choosing a good domain name. Having a good username in a site like Digitalpoint forum add some reputation in Buyer’s mind and also username is easy to stay in other members mind when you answers are worth . So here is a three simple ways to  register a username:

* Try to create a username related to the registering website eg “seopro” , “seoking” in SEO websites.

* If you are likely to create a username related to your name or your website and  the username is unavailable then don’t create username like hiswat123, hiswat111 instead HiSwat.exe. HiSwat.jpg . looks different and catchy  . You can also see the use of capital letters in the middle . Also don’t try to use your date of birth or other personal details in username which may be used by the hackers (even your friends can try to Hack)

*  Try to use number in the middle of the username instead of alphabets. egs. L3gend (for Legend) , L1on (Lion),  etc

If you have a unique way of choosing a username pls  comment here.


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