Discover the applications which are accessing your data from Social Networks

January 14, 2012 | by

Often internet users are not much aware about the applications which they have given permission to access the information on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Linkedin etc. All these sites have their privacy settings pages to discover the same. Now you can find out the applications which are accessing your data from social networks conveniently through


Actually is just a simple webpage with links to the application permission settings pages of the popular social networks. You can very well access the same form your respective social networks. For example if you want to discover the applications which access your Facebook data- just go through this url . gathered the similar settings pages of other social networks also under a single roof in other words- a bookmark  page of Social Network App Permission settings. A subscription feature is also provided to get monthly reminders to check your permissions. Bookmark the site and within few clicks you can cross check the application permissions. A subscription feature is also available to get monthly reminders to check your app permissions.

A visitor commented on the site “ Ahh. I thought I would get a tool to automatically do this for me. I know this list. Thanks anyways for reminding me to clean up 2-3 apps everyday.”  .

Within a very short time, has been featured in almost all popular websites like Mashable, Lifehacker, MSNBC, TheNextWeb etc. The page has been Tweeted 9K times, Liked 10 K users in Facebook and 2.3K +1s also !! Hats off to the developers  Avi Charkham & Eran Sandler .


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