Epic-The first ever browser embedded with antivirus application.

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Epic- A brand new browser from India coming to challenge the browser giants with attractive features. This browser is developed by Bangalore based software development firm, Hidden Reflex. Epic is powered by the open source platform Mozilla.

Browsing through the features and applications of Epic Browser

Epic India

Through this application  user can get all the information about India such as Regional, National and International news.

Epic Indic Text

This application facilitates you to write 12 Indian languages by using regular keyboard. When the Indic language is turned ON just type the words phonetically as on your keyboard.

Epic Skin

This feature enables you to completely customize the appearance of your browser. The skin consists of header, footer and sidebar. You can choose from thousands of in build skins on everything from Bollywood to National Heroes to landscapes. If you want, you can add your own photos as wall paper.

Anti Virus

Epic is the one and only browser in the world with an embedded anti virus software. The anti phishing feature helps you to stay away from the dupes of popular sites. The malicious link checking feature will warn you about the fraud, malware or suspicious sites. All the downloaded files will be scanned automatically. The manual anti virus scan of your computer is powered by one of the famous anti virus software ESET. The virus definition of 25MB is downloaded in the system for the first time and the virus check will be done every time

Epic Write

Epic Write is a Full-Featured Word Processor inside the browser. Create beautifully formatted letters, reports with tables and images, and any other documents.


Snippet is a simple but powerful tool to save the text/images from the web pages and add your own notes to the labels.

Video Sidebar

Through this application you can watch your favorite videos while browsing. You can download the videos from most of the video sharing sites. A download button will appear after the complete streaming of videos.

My Computer

You can access your complete system through this application. To access a file of folder, need not to close or minimize the browser.

To Do application

This is reminder application enables you to create a list of tasks and alarm you in pre-set intervals.

Timer, Alerts and stop watch.

With this application, set timers, alerts and stop watch to keep track of the engagements.

Social bookmarking

Through different social bookmarking buttons you can access the popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut etc.

Mail access

The Gmail and Yahoo button bring your inboxes to the sidebar.


The travel application is the gateway of popular domestic international travel booking sites. You can book the flight tickets, hotels and cars through top travel vendors like and


An instant job search function brings you the latest jobs from thousands of employers and job sites.


Backup app helps the user to get the Backup of your documents from the computer to your Mail. With help of the file manager interface the user can upload and download the files/folders. The only thing the user need is a Gmail account to use the Backup application

Epic collections

This attractive feature helps you to organize and collect the address of a group of websites and open  with a single click.


As this browser is in Mozilla platform, you can browse and install the favorite Firefox applications. The Firefox Extensions and plugins are compatible to Epic


Other features include one  click private browsing, one click private data deletion, in built flash cookie deletion, organize/import/export bookmarks etc .

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