Lawsuit by PayPal and eBay over the announcement of Google Wallet

May 27, 2011 | by

Google has announced its next big project called “Google Wallet”, but seems like the company is in problem too now. PayPal and eBay has filed a lawsuit against it as the wallet concept came out of the veil.

Three years of hard work on a concept by PayPal, for what? Just to see Google take away all the credit? PayPal was working on a deal to activate payment through the Android smart phones. But everything went in the garbage with their ex-lead negotiator being hired by Google, who exposed all the future plans of PayPal to Google.

What is a Google Wallet?

Well, it is software application developed by Google in order to replace the plastic cards. It converts your smart phones into a wallet. To activate Google Wallet, a user needs to have a Citi Master card and a Nexus S 4G which is available at Sprint. With this application and devices, users can pay in a safer way for their purchases just by tapping their convertible smart phones.

Google Wallet

Who is Bedier and what he did? Osama Bedier worked as a vice president at eBay finance division and was handling some new ventures. He had the insight of PayPal’s new project for Android smart phones. He was hired by Google in January and knew very well the weak points of Google. Firstly, he broke his contract with the ex-employers and then he stole the confidential records. He committed all this with the help of another ex-employer at PayPal who knowingly let him broke the contract.

According to the resources, PayPal has also declared that Tilenius was not supposed to recruit any employee after leaving eBay according to the contract.

The case is filed in the California Supreme Court against Google by PayPal. Yesterday, the lawsuit was filed by PayPal. So far, a spokesperson from Google has stated to the press that they have not received any copy of the lawsuit yet so it will not be possible to say anything on it for now.

Well, seems to be like Google and PayPal’s battle for their future venture is going to be decided by the court. So all we can do for now is to wait for the next update on this lawsuit.


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