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This article is about GTalk; it will tell you about what GTalk is. Everyone has used it to chit chat with your friends but here is something beyond this.

Some people have made 50 million dollar, some have done cool stuffs, some people are using in completely different way, some companies are still making lots of bucks, some people are making interesting stuffs and some have great ideas only with this simple GTalk.

Just like FB applications, here are some interesting stuffs that you may try with GTalk Applications:

Aardvark []

They made question Answer platform using GTalk and helped millions of users and finally acquired by the Google itself, they made 50 million $ in few months.

In Vark, create a profile, list your interests and add the Aardvark ID to your GTalk. When you have a question you ping this new friend ‘Vark’ and it will forward it to users that might be able to answer. If user A can’t provide an answer it’s sent to user B and so on. If you don’t like the answer you can ask again. You can also start a conversation with the user that answered through the Aardvark.

Google Guru

To start, send a chat invitation from your GTalk to

Google Talk Guru is an experimental service by Google that allows people to get information like sports results, weather forecasts, definitions etc via chat. It works on many popular chat applications like Gmail, Fring, Nimbuzz and other that support Google Talk.


Skype and even Google Voice provide very high rates for calling to any mobile or landline. A third party application Phone91 has answer of it and any one can make calls anywhere in the world at local call rates.

To start, send a chat invitation from your GTalk to

This Application simply works with your GTalk and has the same voice quality and very easy to use. Must try!


This team is making a unique support system. if you want to talk any company, you only need to open your GTalk and start taking support. It should be available to public very soon on


Now it is acquired by Voxeo, has developed web based tool where anyone can create GTalk applications. They are coming with list of bots that you can choose to try,

Here you can manage all your social networking accounts with only your GTalk. Update your status, delete one or comment to someone, all at simple GTalk.

How is all possible

All is possible by Google’s project of ‘Open Communication’. Google funded lots of money in XMPP protocol (Jabber). It is free to use and the whole GTalk is based on it. So, anyone can use it and take the benefit of GTalk.

GTalk is already famous, easy to use and available everywhere and it can add extra value to your service. Only GTalk support Voice but it’s all other clients support only text.


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