Eyewatch : A mobile application for emergency alerts

January 17, 2012 | by

Indian Eye Security Pvt Ltd has developed an application for emergency alerts from your mobile devices. Eyewatch mobile application works on Blackberry, Android, and selected Nokia Symbian 60 handsets. In emergency situations, through a single click, Eyewatch will send an alert SMS code to pre configured contacts.

Eyewatch is available in Android market. You must register and enter two emergency contact numbers to use the Eywatch service. Alert message can be triggered in different ways such as by clicking the button on app home screen, shaking the phone for five seconds, dropping the phone from 3.5 feet and above or pressing the lock / unlock key combination 4 times in 6 seconds. Once the alert is triggered, your Emergency Response Contacts (ERC)will be sent an alert code SMS and a link to Eyewatch website .


On entering the alert code , the uploaded information will be displayed . This information includes images, videos, sound bytes, location status etc. Eyewatch website claims

In the case you are being attacked or threatened the video stream gives video and sound which is uploaded real time to the secure website and can be processed by security agencies! So, the moment the bad guys realise that they are being caught on both audio and video live, along with their location , that its self is a deterrent. So in a way, Eyewatch will prevent people from falling into trouble!!

Remember, this application need complete access of your device, hence your mobile antivirus software may block it.

EyeWatch website says “Eyewatch Basic operates on Android Mobile Phones with OS 2.1 & above and is available on the Android Market and other popular App stores”. However I couldn’t install the application in Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy Y Sad smile 

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