iPad’s unique game Osmos

November 15, 2010 | by

This is a game designed by Hemisphere Games which is particularly built for iPad users. In this game, you have better change of winning the game, if you are larger in size. ‘Motes’ rule this puzzle game and they are nothing but rich colored unformulated cells. Your mission should be to grow more in size becoming the largest mote of all other motes. It is a unique game, truly captivating the person who plays it and iPad is the ideal surface for you to play this fun game.

To begin with, you will be given the lowest sized mote which appears like a small nucleus. The purpose of playing this is to increase the size of the mote as much as possible and it is rather difficult task. If you are dashing a mote of smaller size then you eat them and grow bigger. But it is exactly the opposite when you dash a bigger sized mote than you. They will eat you up and again you have to start the game from the beginning. In Osmos, only the biggest mote sees the victory. If you want to move in the right side just press the left side of the mote. Similarly if you want to move leftwards then you have to push the mote on its right side. Again any such movement made in the game, will reduce your mote’s size a bit.

The engine used in this iPad game is remarkable. It is designed such that the entire motes have magnetic power to attract the other motes which pass nearby. You have the option of view the game to the full screen to plan your travel and the way in which you can proceed. There are motes with different talent and ability in this Osmos. Some motes are capable of eating you up irrespective of their sizes, while some other motes like Repulser throw you away if you cross its path. Sometimes, in the event of playing, you will be caught up in the middle of many larger motes ready to eat you up if you are not making quick movements.

Various options and background settings are available in this game to prevent you from getting bored. But the mission of the game remains the same – to grow into the largest sized mote. For speeding up or slowing down the game, you have controls near the bottom portion. If you increase the speed, then all motes travel very faster and you should be clever enough to control them. Likewise, if you reduce the speed control, then you will find all motes are moving slowly giving you enough time to tackle them. If you are a beginner, it is better to select slow mode option for learning the game.

The game of Osmos has no deadlines, has endless life, and a soothing musical tone. The color configuration allows you to judge the size of the motes in better way. Playing Osmos in an iPad is an ideal choice to kill boredom and having fun.


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