Frequent disconnection problem: BSNL broadband

September 14, 2009 | by

Frequent disconnection is a main problem experienced by most of the BSNL subscribers. It has been observed that the disconnection rate is much more during monsoon season. There are multiple reasons for frequent disconnection. Here some checks and tips to get rid of this problem.

  1. Wiring: The leading-in cable (drop-wire) from the junction box (DP box) to your house, should be as straight as possible, should be a single length without any joints. The wires should not be coiled anywhere and should be away from electrical lines. With these types of irregularities, your phone might work fine but the DSL link will not hold and work satisfactorily.There should not be any parallel connection before the splitter. The connection to be made as shown in the figure.adsl-splitter-wiring
  2. Loose connections: Check for any loose connection in splitter, rozet, modem and telephone line.
  3. Signal to Noise ratio and line attenuation: The ratio of Signal power to¬† noise power is called Signal to Noise ratio. The more the signal to Noise ratio better the connectivity for almost uninterrupted connection the ratio should be more than 10.Line attenuation should be minimum. This figure can be checked from the Modem settings by typing, user id and password “admin”.There are many reasons for low signal to noise ratio such as high cable resistance, rusted joints, more distance from exchange to user etc. If your signal to noise ratio is poor (less than 10) then locate the distribution box from where the connection is taken. Identify the cable pair and clean the contact and joint again check the signal to noise ratio again. If no significant improvement launch a complaint to check the line or change the pair.
  4. Frequent disconnection is more observed in monsoon due to the bared joints. Seal all the cable joints if any.


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