Five Top Online Security Measures of 2012

June 19, 2012 | by

When you are surfing the Internet, nothing is more essential than making sure that  you keep your online security in check with a program like Venafi. It is so important to keep your computer free from viruses as you surf the web. One virus can eat up the entire memory of your computer and leave you with no other option than to buy a new device. Take a look at the following top online security measures of 2012 for some ideas on how to best protect your personal computer from viruses on the Internet:

1. G-Data Internet Security 2012


Experts in online security measures consistently rate this software as one of the top security programs for the Internet. This software program will protect your computer from all unwanted pop-up advertisements from websites. To do an entire scan of your computer only takes about two minutes. In those two minutes, the program will discover whether any viruses are on your computer.  To install the program is also very easy. One will just have to read through different screens and restart the computer. The total time for installing and running the software should not take more than thirty minutes.

2. Avast Internet Security 6


This is a great software program to use if you want to know exactly how protected your computer is from viruses. The interface of this security program includes access to different graphs and charts. The graphs and charts will help you understand how vulnerable your computer is to obtaining viruses on it.

3. Eset Smart Security 5


The benefit of using this security program is that it can instantly spot known malware; it will delete all viruses that are on one’s computer; it will instantaneously scan one’s computer for viruses and get rid of any infections. Even better, the interface for this program is very easy to use. One of the other benefits of using this security program is that one will have access to any upgrades of the security program.

4. Check Point ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012


This software program features an anti-spam protection setting that will keep your computer from receiving spam email. The interface is also very user-friendly and will let you know whether your computer is safe from viruses. The program does tend to slow down one’s computers. The average shut-down time of your computer can extend to thirty seconds when you use this software program.  While it does tend to cause one’s computer to take extra time in shutting down, it provides users with access to other valuable tools. The credit report monitoring tool will let you keep track of your credit score at all times.

5. Symantec Norton Internet Security 2012


One of the greatest benefits of using the Symantec products is that one’s computer will not slow down. In addition, these software programs are able to get rid of a high percentage of the viruses that are on one’s computer. When you are looking for the best online security program, it is essential to find a program that will not slow down your computer or diminish your work capacity. It is also essential to find a program that will get rid of all of the malware viruses on your computer with private key management.


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