OnLive Desktop- An iPad application for Microsoft office documents!!!

January 12, 2012 | by

OnLive desktop is an application on iPad wherein you can do anything to your office documents that had only been imagined in past. It provides the facility to view and edit the office documents using touch and on-screen keyboard. It uses windows 7 operating systems. This application is presently present in UK and will soon be arriving in Europe and Asia. Also this application is soon to arrive for android, Mac, iPhone,  and also for HDTV’s or connected televisions.

This application has brought the office of the man to its fingertips on iPad. Using this application you can use Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint on your iPad with just a touch.

The OnLive desktop application provides the following main features:

Onlive Dekstop

Microsoft Word

You may always have imagined marking some important sentences or writing some words beside the sentence to understand it properly in your office word document but that wasn’t possible before. However with OnLive desktop application, it’s possible now. You can edit your document by just redlining some sentences or commenting near it using handwriting recognition.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Next, you many also have imagined making presentations which are more or less like a video providing a lot of attractive animations. Now this is possible with Onlive desktop application. Using this, PowerPoint presentations can be animated with dynamic graphics and traversed easily by just a touch. Also the PowerPoint presentations can be presented directly on the iPad or by using an external monitor. Thus you can just keep your iPad and explain your presentation very effectively

Microsoft Excel:

The last but not the least is Microsoft Excel using which you can edit the graphs, tabulate the data whenever you want and using this analysis done becomes easy to understand. The documents can be then updated online using the options of drag and drop.

This application has many other supplementary features such as:

  • It provides instant reply to Multi touch gestures
  • Pc games run smoothly and dynamically on the iPad using this OnLive desktop application. The behavior of the games is also very interactive and provides instant actions which give the feeling of the desktop PC.
  • It turns your iPad into a powerful pc where it supports applications and its advancements that you use the most.
  • You can also open, view and edit multiple documents in word which is an amazing feature.
  • You can store all your documents and access them securely.
  • The most commonly used options by most of us is the copy-paste option which can be performed very easily through this application.
  • You can also open and review the documents using scroll, drag and drop options.
  • Zooming options to view the documents are also provided.

Thus, it can be an incredible application with numerous features inside it. This application is free and will be available shortly in iTunes store. Thus you can just forget about the typical infrastructure of your office and comfortably prepare your office related documents anywhere using this Onlive desktop application. The old typical ways of presenting your documents is gone, and the new advancements with just a touch can be easily achieved using this application.


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