Panasonic EW-NA11-S Neck Refre Review

November 25, 2010 | by

Looking at a massaging gadget and reviewing it are altogether very different. Well in the offering of the product comes along similar experience that one might get at a sports massage clinic or chiropractor.

First Impression

Well, let me tell you the Neck Refre flaunts a simple design with two stimulation pods. The functionality is somewhat like this, the whole device kinda wraps around your neck, and the pods, ones like the octopus, which have adhesive rubber pads on them, which help them adhere to your skin comfortably, rest side by side on the back of your neck. The controls infact are pretty simple and there aren’t any usability issues with just a single turn dial to turn the power on and increase the stimulation level, and there is this other button to change the stimulation course. This control unit also happens to be the power-house of the gadget and is powered by 3V battery.

Trial and “Stimulation”

Now, after you get on with the initial configurations it is expected that you will be a bit perplexed as to start off with it or not. But then, go on, you can give it a try while working for stressful lengthy sessions or just at the time when you are about to get on with your loving bed. I would choose the latter for a real luxurious experience. And let me justify, its real good. Lying on your chest with pillows supporting your head and neck and then this nice little gadget giving simulations right away. Now their are varying modes which are to soothe you as per the intensity of stress. From a mild to a moderate simulation this gadget seems truly up to the mark.


Indeed, the EW-NA11-S experience overall was quite enjoyable, and as a matter of fact my neck really does feel better today, but everything can’t go perfect, can they? The design of the tool can be further improved. Though it happens to be a compact gadget but if the control panel could be held in hand then things would have been way better. It will take a bit of time to get on with the variety features and modes as it got me confused about which way to turn the dial in order to make it stronger or weaker, and I was a bit scared of turning it up too high. Adding a display panel to show up what was going on would have also been good. It being an electric pulse driven treatment the initial phobia is quite logical but using it once will give you the feel that it isn’t that big a risk factor and there aren’t much notable side-affects that i came to know of. Most importantly, this is a gadget you can afford to carry around with you all over and it will surely ease your stress if not anything else.


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