Five Free Android App Exclusively For Women

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Women especially working women might feel the need to manage their day jobs and other household chores in order to keep a balance between their home and office. Dedicating this article to all those hard-working ones, some Android apps exclusively for Women which helps them to keep track of their chores. So here goes the list.

My Days – Period & Ovulation ™

my days period ovulation android app

My Days – Period & Ovulation is the Android app which allows the women to keep track their periods, ovulation and fertility issues. Women according to their circumstances can mark their parameters. Along with that, women can add information related to pills, sex. Android App justifies each and every category with different color which ultimately helps them in visualizing their information in a much better way. Users can even share their problem with the community managed inside this Android app and can get help from the experienced ones.

The Android app works with almost all Android OS platforms above v1.1. The app comes in two variants free and paid, can be downloaded from the trusted source Android Market.

Download Link – My Days – Period & Ovulation™

Pink Pad Free(Period Tracker)

pinkpad free period tracer android appPink Pad Free can be considered as a great alternative to the first one with a bit elaboration of features. Along with features to track down the periods and other health related issues, this is a great Android app with a large support of women around the world. Along with issues related to period, ovulation, menstrual cycle, women are free to discuss their emotional/physical well-being queries with the world through a well organized community. Even allows you to predict the consequences with the symptoms provided by the users. Intuitive design, well organized menu is what can be considered as Pink Pad Free forte.

User with Android OS v1.5 and above can use this Android app, available in two variants free and paid, which can be downloaded from the Android Market.

Download Link – Pink Pad Free(Period Tracker)

WomanLog Calendar

womanlog calendar android appBelongs the same category, Woman Calendar is another Android app worth considering, is a menstrual and fertility tracking calendar which allows users to access all the information right from the calendar. Just a tap on a date will let the women to edit and tap in the information without having to follow any tantrums. Being a simple Android app for women doesn’t provide much access to the outside world and other social communities which might help the women to share and discuss their issues with others.

Is available in the Android Market in both variants, Free and paid, Android users above Android OS v1.6 can download and enjoy the Android app.

Download Link – WomanLog Calendar

Daily Ab Workout FREE

daily ab workout free android appThis one is especially for those working women who are on a desk jobs, a little workout may balance the day. Just a 10 minute routine will keep a women healthy, fit and fine. Android app includes steps to cut down the belly, video tutorials provides a much better insights to the beginners, along with that this Android app can be considered as a perfect fitness trainer which helps you in your workout. Demonstrated by a certified trainer, all the video tutorials are easy to understand. I’m sure, these exercise will make you look more beautiful and in all, will brighten your day.

Free or paid, you can choose depending upon your needs from the Android Market. Not sure about the compatibility issues related to this Android app, but a try is what you all need to check that out.

Download Link – Daily Ab Workout FREE

Recipe Search

recipe search android appI think I’ve hit the spot!! Recipe Search, as the name suggest, is all you need to experiment with the delicious dishes. So many recipes for you to try including dishes, appetizers, drinks, side dishes, desserts, ethnic recipes, soups, stews and diet recipes and more. This Android app is not only a database of different recipes, it also lets you search delicious food you can make from the present ingredients. Not satisfied with the computerized searches, you can join hands with all the other cooks through the maintained forum managed inside the app. Not only that just when you are done with the dishes, do send us a sample to taste Open-mouthed smile and you can even share that with friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks. Being my hobby, the best part is the forums maintained by is great place to discuss the foodie talks.

Download this Android app free, right from the Android Market, which works seamlessly on all Android OS v1.6 and above.

Download Link – Recipe Search


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